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Welcome to the archive of La Petite Habbouche, an electronic archive specifically tailored to and run by words, poetry, and maxims. The archive is offered as a free service to provide wisdom, knowledge, and insight to creed.

  • Big Tech Talk by Titan Fools in the Valley of Lala Sphere
    All the talk on TED talk is tech-talk by big tech foolsCrazy titans are in talk with fintech giants and […]
  • The Summons
    Be watchful, divest yourself of all neglect.
  • Faith: A Practical Reconstruction
    Faith has meaning it is a source of inspiration, it shapes our lifestyles, and it creates hope and expectation. Faith […]
  • The Problem of Sin
    The ugly face of sin pushes in everywhere. Sin is so ingrained in life that it is constantly being considered.
  • Hymn 247
    ‘Tis first of all thyself to know,To feel the plague of sin,Expos’d to ever lasting wo,And nothing good within
  • Hymn 94
    WHAT shall I render to my GodFor all his kindness shown?My feet shall visit thine abode,My songs address thy throne. […]
  • The Poet and His Songs
    As the birds come in SpringWe know not from where;As the stars come at eveningFrom depths of the air; As […]
  • The Right Must Win
    O IT is hard to work for God,To rise and take His partUpon this battle-field of earth,And not sometimes lose […]
  • Beyond Similitudes
    SAY: WHO IS LORD (RABB) OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH? Say: Allah! Say: Take you then (others) beside Him for […]
  • Divine Gifts
    GOD only can a godlike gift bestow:Genius and virtue come from Him alone,By Him the heavenly seed is ever sownAnd […]
  • Spiritual Combat
    WEAK is the faith which we confess with shame;The soul is strong when with an upward gazeIt looks to what […]
  • Satan and Temptation
    One great requisite in a net is that it should be more or less concealed; it must be imperceptible to […]
  • Pornography
    Porn is not sex; it is a hijacking of sex. Today’s graphic online pornography commandeers the brain’s neurology with what […]
  • Rouse in You
    Oh, rouse in you the unconquerable will!Do not for a moment acquiesce in defeat!Do not for a moment say of […]
  • Financial Abuse
    Financial abuse is the use of money or economic’s assets to harm or control another person. Studies suggest that 94-99% […]
  • Self-Acquaintance
    RETURN, my roving heart, return,And chase these shadowy forms no more;Seek out some solitude to mourn,And thy forsaken God implore. […]
  • Virtue the Source of Peace
    FORSAKE, my soul, the tents of Sin,How false her joys appear;Noise and confusion dwell within;Peace is a stranger there. Peace […]
  • Praising God Through Our Existence
    YES, I will bless thee, O my God!Thro’ all my mortal days,And to eternity prolongThy vast, thy boundless praise. In […]
  • Going Before God
    I ASKED my God to go beforeTo light with signs the unknown shoreAnd lift the latch of every door;He said, […]
  • Helping By Prayer
    I sometimes think God’s heart must ache,Listening to all the sad, complaining cries,That from our weak, impatient souls arise,Because we […]
  • Undiscovered Faults
    A friend who holds a mirror to my face,And, hiding none, is not afraid to traceMy faults, my smallest blemishes, […]
  • Our Life
    Our life is like a narrow raft Afloat upon the hungry sea, Whereon is but a little spaceAnd each man, […]
  • On Volition and Desire
    SOURCE: sacredweb.comM. Ali Lakhani ‘E’n la sua volontade è nostra pace.’(In His Will is our Peace.)Dante, Paradiso, Canto III, line […]
  • Prayer is…
    Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,Uttered or unexpressed;The motion of a hidden fire,That trembles in the breast. Prayer is the […]
  • Gentle Heart
    The heart that feels the approvalThat comes from a kindly deedKnows well there’s no sweeter musicOn which the spirit can […]
  • Go Little Page
    Go little page, thy destined course pursue,Collect memorials of the just and true,And beg of every friend so nearSome token […]
  • Words On a Page
    Source: A BOOK IS NOT SIMPLY WORDS ON A PAGE – it is one mind crafting an effect upon other […]
  • I Would Trust You Still
    If the whole world should doubtI would trust You still,If fate should take me away from YouI would know in […]
  • The Light of Love
    I am glad I’ve loved YouFor no sorrow now can come to me,No blow cruel enough to crush my joy:For […]
  • The Laborer
    O, Laborer!Some hearts ache for youAs you stand with feet buried in mud,Digging, lifting, forever toiling,That the tall building may […]
  • Poetry
    Poetry?…The smile on a baby’s face,The perfume of a rose,The laugh of happy children,The Autumn wind that blows,The bright wings […]