Faith: A Practical Reconstruction

Faith has meaning it is a source of inspiration, it shapes our lifestyles, and it creates hope and expectation. Faith is lived, it has human measure, it is embedded in every aspect of human life… At times the facts of life challenge our faith; at other times our faith enables us to keep going.

Faith is, as a very part of its nature, a social and communicative event. Having faith not only implies that I have certain opinions, but also that I live in a relationship with God and with other people. The praxis of faith is formed by the interaction between God and human beings, as well as among humans.

Faith is characterized by action. It expresses itself in actions and behavior, choices, and aspirations. This points to the ‘inside’ nature of our faith, its anchoring in the infra-structure of the human mind. Faith also takes the form of emotion or state of mind, expressing itself in feelings of dependence, remorse joy, and gratitude.

Human existence has a spiritual side; the inner life is a unique dimension beyond our physical existence.