Porn is not sex; it is a hijacking of sex. Today’s graphic online pornography commandeers the brain’s neurology with what science calls supernormal stimuli. In basic scientific terms, a supernormal stimulus is anything that is artificially enhanced and exaggerated to create a response that is greater than normal. Think junk food, violent video games, and porn. It can subvert and redirect our natural appetites and motivational systems. Supernormal stimulation govern the behavior of humans as powerfully as that of animal. The most controversial of all modern stimuli, pornography has been described as insidious in nature because it might skew the otherwise normal activity of sex… The hormone and neurotransmitter dopamine does not cause people to experience a seeking behavior. Dopamine causes us to want, desire, seek out, and search… Some have argued that the internet can become “chronic distraction” that slowly eats away at your patience and ability to think for extended periods of time. it hurst our ability to focus.