Going Before God

I ASKED my God to go before
To light with signs the unknown shore
And lift the latch of every door;
He said, ‘I follow thee.’

I asked Him to prepare my way
By kindling each uncertain ray
And turning darkness into day;
He said, ‘I follow thee.’

He bade me linger when my hours were dark
To wait not the revealing spark,
But breast the flood in duty’s ark,
And peace should follow me.

Therefore, O Lord, at Thy command
I go to seek the unknown land,
Content, though barren the sand,
If Thou shalt follow me.

I go by nighty, I go alone,
I sleep upon a couch of stone;
But nightly vision shall atone
If Thou shalt follow me.

I sow the seed in lowly ground,
I sow in faith and hear no sound;
Yet in full months it may be found
That Thou hast follow me.